I love creating worlds.

Specialising in design at a tertiary level has paved an intricate tapestry of art and innovation.  Living as a pulse of creativity through Art Directorship and Costume Design, creating new worlds intrenched in style and telling stories is my passion, and my purpose. I am grateful for every opportunity to do so. 

Two of my highlight works are below.


2013 Int. BA Degree
Fedisa Fashion

FEDISA is an internationally recognised fashion institute where I graduated with distinction and enabled me to get acceptance to the prestigious University of the Arts London to do my honors degree. During my course I won a national competition called the Foschini Fashion Design awards; I was briefed to pick a theme and design a collection and showstopper piece. There where thousands of entrees and multiple challenges but ultimately I placed first and launched a capsule collection to be sold nationally throughout all the Foschini stores.

Awards & Press

Press: IBB Online “An incredibly talented wardrobe and art department head.”
Lourie Nomination "Best Production Designer" for Victoria Monet
SFAAF honorable mention For "Costume Design"

“My career has taken me beyond imagination. But I will always
be a student of creation.”


A modern theme for the film industry & video production